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"Alejandro" analysis: redux

A few months ago, i dreamed up an ~alternate plot-line~ analysis for Gaga's "Alejandro" video (which is, and i mean this, the most fascinating music video i have yet seen). I cleaned it up (i.e. removed all of the skating references and excited babbling) to submit to a magazine; if anyone is interested, here is the new version!

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Customer service reps

I just spent half an hour talking to a T Rowe Price customer service rep. We covered European art and architecture, the Vatican, computer games, his ROTC scholarship when he went to college, and reassurances that i have plenty of options to choose from in college and need not panic. He even said that my parents must be proud of me :') I will keep this entry up for my more misanthropic days.

In related news, i got a job as a customer service rep/receptionist at my school's Dept of Transportation! The position is not in any way exciting, except for the part where they stuff me full of money. Sure, the bills bulging my cheeks and poking out of my ears may all be $1's, but i'll take what i can get.

Dresden Dolls oh my god

I was supposed to write this a week ago... oh well.

I used to have a very close relationship with music. I spent all of my time on forums for my favorite bands, i'd assiduously research every name i saw. Every. Name. As in i'd buy music magazines, and go cover-to-cover, looking up every single band mentioned. But sometime around 1-2 years ago (oh god what will happen to me when/if i'm an old lady), i discovered fashion blogs and with that, the blogosphere in general. So now i only know the bands that i knew three years ago.

It's a strange and sad feeling when i recognize a name - it carries not only the dregs of what i remember about the band, but the full, heavy void between when i Knew Music and now. It's like, loltbh, a veiled bride walking down the aisle. And weighing down on her train, following her path, is a huge cement slab. ........I know. I know.

Writing this has made me feel guilty enough to pull up Stereogum's current mix. But honestly, i haven't liked any of the songs so far. Why is "intelligence" so un-catchy?

ANYWAY OMFG. THE POINT OF THIS IS THAT LAST WEEK, I WENT TO BOSTON TO SEE THE DRESDEN DOLLS. AND IT WAS A PRETTY AWESOME TRIP IN THE STRESSFUL, I-WISH-I-WAS-BALD-SO-I-COULDN'T-PULL-ALL-THIS-HAIR-OUT WAY. I can count the number of bands who emotionally ~move~ me on one hand, and Amanda+Brian occupy TWO OF THOSE FINGERS (Amanda Palmer solo being one of them). They are an amazing, amazing band, and adorable lil opinionated me cannot understand why everyone doesn't feel this way.

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My loooooooove ;_;

Figure skating (or figure skaters, i guess lol) and Gaga trumpeted into my life simultaneously. And it's SO WEIRD, because what i love about certain figure skaters is the same thing for which i adore Gaga - a huge dichotomy/duality in the persona that can sometimes, somehow manifest both of its sides simultaneously.


Boring, tl;dr self-centered introspection vomit about using big wordsCollapse )

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More vomit and paranoiaCollapse )
The things Johnny is saying in them are just completely blowing me away. So much more effective than "just give 150%, bro!"

"“Soul” and “heart” are two different things for me. The soul is something that is inside you when you are born, and the last thing you feel when you die. But your heart is what makes you “yourself”. It’s what gives you a face; it’s what gives you color. It’s what gives you vibrancy. For me, on the ice, it’s “soul.” Off the ice, it’s “heart.” It’s good to have both. If I were the same everywhere I would probably be bored."

"I found that as I got older, I need to feel like I’m in a very warm place to really let myself be normal. I don’t know where this personality trait comes from, but when I feel uncomfortable, I can be very cold. Right now I feel very comfortable, so I can relax and be expressive."

"If you live one time, I think you need to have a smile on your face. Even if you face difficulties, it makes you stronger afterwards. I believe everything in life is beneficial to you as a person. So, even if you are sad and crying, or when everything is a mess, I think having a smile on your face is important. When you cry, you smile too."

And this is just from one day of it. T_T

How is anyone not in love with him

Hay b1tch

Note to self: if you want something, stop angsting and get it already. Jeez.

And now all is as it should be

I haven't bought a magazine off the news stand in three years, but oh my god these pictures were WAY TOO amazing not to have in a print version. Gaga is my favorite subject for people-drawing practice, since all of her pictures also count as general-drawing practice too! Tshirts and jeans are not fun to recreate.

I forgive you for Lollapalooza, Gaga.

Holy shit i move into my college in five days T_T I dread it sooooooooooo much. It's sending me into long bouts of reality-denial where summer lasts forever and my friends aren't moving across the country (or in one case, out of it).




Ohhhhhhhhhhh dear

Yikes, Gaga. I love you and all, but that outfit is simply not style. It looks like Ke$ha's pajamas.

Her boobs are amazing o.o